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Your company has put a lot of time and resources in the content that's in your CMS, make sure that all that data is safely upgraded by chosing a company with a trackrecord of many successful upgrades!

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ExpressionEngine 2 was released in 2009 and retired in 2017. ExpressionEngine was retired in 2018. To keep your website current with security patches, you have to upgrade your CMS to the latest version.

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With new versions of ExpressionEngine come support for newer versions of PHP which will allow your website to run much faster and take advantage of new features. PHP 5.6 was End of Life (EOL) in 2018. For PHP, EOL means that it will not receive any security updates. That's a huge issue that attackers could possibly take advantage of.


Why Upgrade Your Website?

Still not sure that you want to upgrade?

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If your website is running ExpressionEngine 2, there's a very good chance that it's running an outdated version of PHP. After a successful upgrade, you can run your site from a server using the latest version of PHP and not only will it run faster, you may be able to use a smaller server plan and save money every month!

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Out of the box, ExpressionEngine is one of the most secure CMSs on the market, but the team at ExpressionEngine patch any possible security issues shortly after they are found. That's why it is so important to keep the CMS updated whenever a new release is announced.

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New Features

It sound obvious but a newer version, may bring new features! Some of the recent features include:

  • native Grid and Relationship Fieldtypes
  • a Fluid Fieldtype that gives user more flexiablity when creating content from within the CMS
  • improved Live Preview feature
More features can be seen here.

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Long Term Support (LTS)

ExpressionEngine 6 guarantees long term support! What does that mean? For 5 years ExpressionEngine will not have any site-breaking changes when updates are preformed. This means that updates will be easier to do than in years past.

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Why choose
Noble Web Development?

A website upgrade doesn't have to be stresssful, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We have had many successful ExpressionEngine upgrade projects and want to help you as well!

For a successful upgrade, we'll communicate with you to outline any specific needs that you may have. This may include adding a new feature to the site or removing a page or section that is no longer needed.
All projects will start with making a backup of the live site and then put into a version control system call Git (this just means that all changes are tracked so that it's easy to go back in time and make changes if needed). After project is completed and signed-off by client, all files and databases get deleted.
To prevent downtime and to give you the best experience, all development will be completed offline and uploaded to a secure staging server for final approval before deploying.